Oddur Sigurðsson jarðfræðingur tekur á móti vísindagögnum.

Delivery of scientific data


IMO has received a shipment of scientific data from Dr. Richard S. Williams, Jr., geologist, which will benefit research in various fields of natural sciences in Iceland. Dr. Oddur Sigurðsson geologist was there to receive the documents, which arrived on four pallets.

Dr. Richard S. Williams, Jr., is a geologist and long-time scientist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS), who has for half a century worked with Icelandic scientists in his field of research. He has, in particular, studied glaciers and volcanoes. During his long period of work he has gathered an immense quantity of data about Iceland, especially concerning geoscience. Upon his retirement, he decided to transfer various scientific resources to Iceland for further use. It was the task of the Icelandic Meteorological Office to receive and process the shipment, which weighs just under one and a half tons.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office will go through the well-organized material and forward it to other institutions what applies to their field of research.

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