Eldgos í Holuhrauni
Holuhraun 2014-2015

How do you view volcanoes?


The Icelandic Met Office and King's College London are carrying out a survey on views toward volcanoes. It has two aims: to investigate Icelanders' and tourists' views about the 2014–15 eruptions at Holuhraun, and to assess the role of volcanoes and volcanic activity in Iceland more generally.

This survey is part of an international collaboration that seeks to understand how people think about volcanoes and volcanic risk, both residents of Iceland and tourists. It will help us to understand how people use information in volcanic crises, and what services and assets they value most. We will also look at perceptions of risk and trust, and the value of volcanoes to Iceland! We hope that this will provide useful insights for managing volcanic risk in Iceland and elsewhere, and we are very grateful to people for responding to the survey.

The survey.

Any data you provide will be anonymous and confidential.

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