Ný gossprunga

New fissures near the eruption site in Geldingadalir


Updated 08.04 12:25

The lava flow from the latest eruption fissure seems to mostly flow down into Geldingadalir. This third eruption fissure opened at midnight on the 6th of April and is between the two existing fissures. Rescue teams from the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue had detected subsidence in the area on the 6th of April about 420 meters northeast of the original eruption area in Geldingadalir, which was about 150m long and about 1 meter deep.

In the photos that were taken during the reconnaissance flight on the 7th of April it can be seen that the lava fields from the three eruption fissures are now merging. Lava from the third fissure has flowed south into Geldingadalir and northeast towards the eruption site above Meradalir. There is a continuous lava field between the three eruption sites, which in fact belong to the same volcanic fissure over the magma intrusion at Fagradalsfjall.


A continuous lava field between the three eruption sites at Fagradalsfjall. (Photo: Almannavarnir / Björn Oddsson)


Overview map showing the location of the three eruption sites in red and lava flow from them as the situation was on the 7th of April.The lava flow from the latest fissure has not been mapped exactly. The outlines of the lava have been approximated from aerial photographs of the region.

Updated 05.04 at 15:40

Photos of two new volcanic fissures near to the initial eruption site in Geldingadalir,  located approximately 700 meters NE of the craters in Geldingadalir. The new fissures are in total 200 meters long. The lava from the fissures is non viscous and flows fast in a narrow lava-river into Meradalir valley, east of the new fissures, where a new lava field is forming. 

Ný gossprunga

Ný gossprunga

Ný gossprunga

Nýjar gossprungur

Photos: Björn Oddsson/Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management

Updated 05.04 at 14:15

A new additional fissure opened at ca. 12:00 hrs today near the initial eruption site in Geldingadalir. First estimates of the length of the fissure is ca. 200 meters, and the middle of the fissure is approximately 1 kilometer NE of the eruption site in Geldingadalir. The lava from the new fissure flows toward Meradalir valley, east of the new fissure.

Helicopters from the Icelandic Coast Guard are at the new eruption site to make sure the area is evacuated. An airplain with scientists is on its way to the fissure for evaluating more presicely the location and the size of the new fissure.  

Because of the lack of ash and tephra emission in the atmosphere, the aviation color code for Keflavik airport remains orange as there are no imminent hazard for the aviation.

A live stream from the new fissure can be seen at RUV 2

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