Almyrkvi á sólu. / Total eclipse of the sun.

Solar eclipse on 1st August


The eclipse on 1st August 2008 is a partial eclipse in Iceland. In Reykjavík it will begin at 08:15 GMT, reaching a maximum at 09:11 GMT, and ending at 10:09 GMT. At its peak, the eclipse will cover 59% of the sun's diameter. In Akureyri the eclipse begins at 08:17 GMT. and ends at 10:14 GMT. At its peak, the eclipse will cover 62% of the sun's diameter.

People should avoid looking directly into the sun without using very dark glasses or film. The safest way to watch the eclipse is to let a binocular or monocular project the sun's image onto white cardboard, and then adjust the focus for sharpness.

For further information on the eclipse, please visit the NASA eclipse web site.

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