Arni Snorrason
Árni Snorrason.

Preparing a merger


The minister of the environment has chosen Árni Snorrason to be the director general of the new Icelandic Meteorological Office for the next five years.

As said earlier the new institute will be created on 1st January 2009 by merging IMO and the hydrology unit of the National Energy Authority, which has been lead by Árni Snorrason since 1987.

Árni Snorrason, PhD in hydrological engineering from the University of Illinois in USA in 1983, has been a lecturer at the Universities of New Hampshire and in Arizona, as well as being a leading scientist in this field in Iceland.

He was selected from eleven applicants and has begun preparing the task at hand, in co-operation with meteorologist Magnús Jónsson, director general of IMO for the past 15 years.

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