weather forecasts, Icelandic version
One of IMO's new front-pages: weather forecasts.

New version for new IMO

An improved version of the web-site


New IMO has just launched an improved version of the web-site, necessary to accomodate for its's new role and extended responsibilities. Each of four fronts can be selected and remains the chosen front-page next time the web-site is visited by the same user:

  • Forecasts    Maps of wind, temperature and precipitation are more prominent. For safety reasons, it has become easier to locate where and when storms are likely to be severe.
  • Observations    Minima and maxima from automatic stations are presented, since midnight and since an hour ago. Same information from manned stations will be added to the underlying pages shortly.
  • Earth's crust    The largest tremors during the past 48 hours are listed, as well as a summary of last week's report and the comment or warning of IMO's geophysicist when appropriate.
  • Hydrology    Flow information from the past 24 hours is presented, both on a map with selected stations and in a table of averages. A summary of last week's report can be read and the comment or warning of IMO's hydrologist when appropriate.

Some of the web-site's litterature has been relocated, e.g. articles on pollution, radiation, ozone and lightnings. Over the next few weeks many articles will be presented on hydrology.

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