Surveillance flight 4 January 2011.

The Annual Meeting of CRAICC held in Iceland

Cryosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Arctic Climate


The ANNUAL Meeting of the Cryosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Arctic Climate (CRAICC) Project takes place in southern Iceland between Oct 10 and 14, 2011.

On behalf of IMO the project SVALI, Stability and Variations of Arctic Land Ice, will be presented, and a field trip arranged.

The on-going Arctic climate change and cryosphere are closely linked, and the cryosphere exerts strong feedbacks in the climate system. The enhanced warming of Arctic areas, as compared with the Earth as a whole, has often been explained by the so-called ice-albedo feedback. CRAICC will expand that thinking to include the roles of society and associated human activities.

CRAICC is formed of 8 workpackages, involving 18 research groups in all Nordic countries. It is part of the Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), the largest joint Nordic research and innovation initiative to date, aiming to strengthen research and innovation regarding climate change issues in the Nordic Region.


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