Kvísker í Öræfum.

A new absolute maximum temperature for March


On 29 March 2012 the maximum temperature at the station Kvísker in South-East Iceland, near the famed Jökulsárlón lagoon, soared to 20.5°C.

The temperature has never before exceeded the 20 degree-mark in Iceland in March. The record was broken by an astounding 1,7 degree margin, the former record being 18.8 degrees, measured in Eskifjörður in the Eastern Fjords on 28 March 2000.

Many local maximum temperature records where also exceeded, amongst those at Teigarhorn in the Eastern Fjords where the maximum rose to 18.2 degrees. The daily recording of maximum temperature at Teigarhorn began in 1872 and the new record exceeded the old one (from 1968) by 2.2°C.

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