Öræfajökull, August 2011.

Lidar measurements of the cryosphere

Workshop in Iceland June 20–21 2013


Airborne lidar measurements are in widespread use for mapping changes of ice sheets and glaciers.

With developments in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and terrestrial lidar, and novel photon counting techniques for both airborne and satellite applications, lidar measurements will continue to be a key tool for ice sheet and glacier monitoring, and measurement of sea ice properties.

A workshop in Reykholt, Iceland, is aimed to bring together specialists from major airborne lidar campaigns, regional or national glacier mapping teams using research or commercial systems, and scientists and engineers developing novel laser technologies for airborne and space use, in order to exchange experience and presenting novel trends in lidar developments.

The workshop will be held at Reykholt, W-Iceland, June 20–21 2013.

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