Swarm activity 2013 and older.

Earthquake activity continues

Swarm activity off shore North Iceland


Earthquake M3.8 occurred 2nd October at 19:40. Its hypocenter coincides with swarm activity which has been recorded since 25 September.

The earthquake, which is the largest recorded in the swarm, was felt in Dalvík, Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður. Hundreds of events with magnitudes 1-3 belong to the swarm activity.

Legend to the map:

Light-grey dots are origins of earthquakes 1994 - 2012; blue dots are from autumn 2012 and red cirlcles from 24th September - 3rd October 2013. Black stars are earthquakes over 3 in magnitude off the firth of Eyjafjörður in 2013. The black and white spheres are solutions for a few of the 2013 quakes, all showing right-hand movement in concordance with the right lateral transform zone of the Húsavík-Flatey fault (HFF) shown by arrows off Flateyjarskagi. The broad arrows at the upper section of the map show the directions of the spread of the tectonic plates. Other known fault systems are given with black lines.

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