EEA Grants Conference on Adaptation to Climate Change

Too Much, Too Little - The Role of Water in Adaptation to Climate Change


The Governments of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Portugal are hosting a conference on the role of water in adaptation to climate change.

The theme of this EEA Grants Conference is: Too Much, Too Little - The Role of Water in Adaptation to Climate Change. The venue is the Myriad Crystal Center, Parque das Nações, Lisboa, Portugal.

The conference is exploring:

  • The policy framework or frameworks for adaptation to climate change
  • The news in science related to impacts and vulnerabilities of water and water related sectors
  • The experiences in water related national challenges, such as drought, floods or storm surges
  • Adaptation policies and practices in cities, agriculture and in coastal areas
  • The need to think beyond national borders

Participants are those countries and actors involved in the EEA Grants programmes and/or in the development of adaptation policies in the EU. Árni Snorrason, Dir. General of the Icelandic Meteorological Office, will give a lecture on the effect of climate on the water cycle.

For further information see the web European Climate Adaption Platform and livestream directly from the conference. See also EEA, the European Environment Agency.

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