Hofsjökull. An arrow marks the cauldron.

Hofsjökull ice-cap

A new cauldron confirmed


An excursion on 9 October 2013 has confirmed that a new cauldron has formed in one of Iceland's ice caps, Hofsjökull, as a result of a jökulhlaup from a subglacial, geothermal area.

This image from Landsat 8, NASA USGS, shows the northern half of the ice cap Hofsjökull (enlarge).

A new patch, visible at the bottom of the image (see arrow), has now been confirmed as a cauldron (~64°49,5‘N; 18°52‘W) at around 1700 m above sea level.

Below is a map of Iceland with Hofsjökull tagged ( Travellers are advised to be very careful during journeys on Hofsjökull. Crevasses surround the new cauldron.

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