The weather app

The ever changing Icelandic weather in your smartphone


Weather forecasts and the current weather condition can be checked through a weather app provided by the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Location is automatically detected if GPS on; otherwise a favourite weather station can be chosen for the home screen. Notifications can be enabled.

Weather symbols appear with temperature, precipitation, wind direction and wind speed, but text forecast are also available, as well as meteograms. Please observe that the text forecasts, written by our meteorologists, are more reliable than the automated graphic presentation.

Alerts issued by the Met Office are automatic during the day and can be checked anytime. A personal weather watch will send notifications when certain criteria are met, e.g. a forecast of temperature below zero at your chosen weather station.

An interactive weather map shows weather observations at any station in the country.

Get the weather app at Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Type VEDUR to find the app and install. Select language under Settings (Stillingar).

Improved video instructions

A video shows all the features of the weather app for those who want to familiarise themselves with the various screens before the app is installed and taken into use. The video has been improved with regard to the setting of languages.

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