Wind forecast for Sunday evening.

Warning for Sunday and Monday

Very bad weather expected


The Icelandic Meteorological Office would like to draw attention to the weather forecast of strong or whole gale for this coming Sunday and Monday.

Forecasts indicate that a fast moving and deepening low pressure system approaches Iceland from the south on Sunday afternoon, with southeasterly winds, 18-23 m/s.

The southeasterly winds are accompanied by rain or sleet, and considerable amount of precipitation is expected. Temperatures are expected to be above zero at sea level, but sleet or snow may be expected in mountainous regions.

By Sunday evening the low will move towards north, just west of the country. To the south of the low pressure system there are severe winds. Sunday evening into Monday morning these winds will pass over Iceland. Westerly and southwesterly winds, 20-30 m/s, can be expected in the southern part of Iceland on Sunday evening, but in the northern part early on Monday morning. Cooler air will follow the westerly winds, with precipitation changing from rain to snow showers at sea level. Average wind speeds may be expected to exceed 28 m/s, which is whole gale according to the Beaufort wind scale. Wind gusts can be exptected to reach 50 m/s, especially to the north and east of mountains (the leeside).

On Monday morning, southwest gale or strong gale (18-25 m/s) is forecasted, with winds moderating somewhat during the afternoon (13-20 m/s). Snowshowers are likely but skies clearing in the north and east. Continued cooling is expected with temperatures below freezing everywhere on Monday afternoon.
Severe weather is forecast on Sunday afternoon until early Monday morning which results in very poor travelling conditions.

This announcement is produced with the aid of weather models with analysis of 00UTC on Friday 28th. Weather forecasts usually become more dependable as they draw closer to events. With new information forecasts will be updated on IMO's website.

Please note, that if the models on the webpage and the text forecasts differ, the text forecasts are valid.
After a rather mild and calm November there is now a shift in the weather patterns around Iceland, and forecasts indicate rather unrestful weather for the next week.

IMO Friday 28 November 2014 at 12:00
Forecasters on duty:
Teitur Arason and Theodór Freyr Hervarsson


A warning due to flooding has also been issued. There will be heavy rain and fording rivers may become dangerous in certain areas. The map below can be enlarged.

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