In the aftermath. A field trip to a weather station in the vicinity.

Articles on Bárðarbunga and Holuhraun

Natural hazards banner no longer providing the links


In early April 2015 the natural hazards banner was removed from the header of IMO‘s website. During the seismic events in Bárðarbunga and the enormous upwelling of lava in Holuhraun the banner provided convenient links to the relevant material, updated and adjusted as the events progressed.

The short-cuts can now be found in an overview article which contains all the links from the natural hazards banner as well as links to all other web-articles on these issues provided by IMO since August 2014.

Gas emission from the lava field is still being monitored by continuous measurements around Holuhraun in collaboration between IMO and other institutes, see The gas dispersion model is still operational but text forecasts are no longer made on a regular basis. However, if monitoring results will show values crossing the thresholds for safety and health for a significant time period (defined), warnings will be given and the forecasts reactivated.

Seismic monitoring is as thorough as before and on any significant increase in tremor, displacements or other indications of continued events, the natural hazards banner will be presented in the header of all IMO‘s web-pages again.

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