Sentinel-1 interferogram attached at Askja - covering period 27 july 2021 to 22 july 2022
The interferogram shows the surface displacements at Askja over the past 12 months - the coloured fringes displayed in Askja caldera represent inflation related to a shallow magma intrusion which commenced at the start of august 2021. GNSS station OLAC is displayed by the black triangle. Approximately 35 cm of inflation has been measured at this site during the past 12 months.

Status of unrest in Askja


A meeting was held with scientists from the Icelandic Met Office, Institute of Earth Science and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management to follow up on the status of unrest in Askja. Since august 2021 an uplift of 35 cm  centered  west of the Askja lake has been measured.

The uplift is most likely due to pressure at the root of the volcano caused by magma intrusion which has been modeled at around 2 km depth. The uplift is is rapid when compared to other similar volcanos around the world. An increase in earthquake activity has however not been detected. A subsidence for the past decades in Askja possibly explains the low seismicity in addition to partly silent (aseismic) movement on caldera faults.

Possible scenarios are still as reported before. If the magma accumulation will continue , uplift can continue for some time without an eruption. Earthquake activity is most likely the most significant indicator of an escalation in activity and an imminent  eruption. The most likely scenario if there will be an eruption is a fissure eruption close to the crater. Observations of similar volcanoes show that considerable deformation and uplift of > 1m can occur without an eruption. It can however not be excluded that an eruption in Askja can occur with only a few hours' notice.

The Civil protection department of Iceland has their alert level at uncertainty level in Askja and they will continue to monitor the area with the IMO, the police and Vatnajökull national park closely.

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