The northern hemisphere polar jet stream and links with arctic climate change

A workshop in dynamic climatology


An international workshop in the field of dynamic climatology is held at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, Reykjavík, 13 -15 November 2013.

The aim of the workshop is to assess the state of knowledge of Northern Hemisphere polar jet stream changes and mechanisms, focusing on mid-high latitude linkages and occurrence of extreme weather events.

Such events are generalized by the recent Warm Arctic-Cold Continents concept, increased meridional flow, and a slowing of the jet occurring in three of the last four previous winters, with a rough tendency for a negative Arctic Oscillation pattern.

Of interest is the potential external forcing of hemispheric wave patterns by additional heat provided to the atmosphere and change in geopotential height thickness due to loss of sea ice and late spring-early summer snow cover.

Furter information: Northern Hemisphere Polar Jet Stream and Links with Arctic Climate Change. The sponsors are IASC, CliC, IMO and NOAA. The program can be viewed as pdf (340 kb).

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