Wind forecast for noon, Sunday 22 Feb 2015. Red and beige colours: dangerous winds.

Warning - severe storm in the South on Sunday

Strong wind gusts



Increasing east wind, 10 to 18 m/s in the south, late evening, with snow. Much lighter wind in the north and east, fair and temperatures considerably below zero.

Increasing wind tonight. East 20 to 30 m/s in the south tomorrow and snow and snowdrift, strongest by the south coast. East 13 to 23 m/s in the north, some snowshowers and snowdrift. Rising temperatures tomorrow, 0 to 8°C in the afternoon, mildest in the south. It is recommended to observe updated text forecast on the web.


Strong wind gusts (over 40 m/s) are expected near mountains in the south and southwest tonight and tomorrow. The worst weather will be in the South. Strong winds with snow and snowdrift means that visibility will be little to none, and travelling is discouraged.

Even though there will be less precipitation in other parts, the wind will be enough to to move loose snow, which is there already, and form snowdrift and delay or inhibit travel.

On Monday strong northerly wind is expected, and it does not look like wind will moderate until Tuesday.

Calm before the storm
Satellite image 21.02.2015 12:40. Clear skies over Iceland, snow white. Calm but expecting sever storm.

21 February 2015 at 19:01
by meteorologists on duty

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