The Bárdarbunga/Holuhraun eruption 2014-2015

The Bárdarbunga/Holuhraun eruption 2014-2015

An eruption lasting for 6 months occurred 2014-2015 in Holuhraun lavafield, north of Vatnajökull, on the Bárdarbunga volcanic system. The eruption started 29 August 2014 and effusive activity continued until 27 February 2015. The Vatnajökull glacier covers both central volcanoes and in total ~33% of the volcanic system. Bárðarbunga is the most extensive volcanic system in Iceland, reaching 190 km from the southernmost point to the northernmost. It is the second most active volcanic system in the country with 26 known eruptions during the last 1100 years. Most eruptions are explosive basaltic eruptions but large effusive eruptions are known, such as the Þjórsárhraun that was formed ~8600 years ago and flowed 130 km following river channels.


Holuhraun, October 2014. Photo: Morten S. Riishuus.

For more information on the Bárðarbunga volcanic system, visit Catalogue of Icelandic volcanoes .

Bárðarbunga and Holuhraun - an overview and links

An overview of the Bárðarbunga seismic events and the Holuhraun eruption, 2014-2015, is given here with notes, factsheets and observations. New material was added to the top of each monthly article. Combined, the monthly articles give an overview of events, see: August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March-April-May and this overview.

Links to all relevant articles on IMO's web

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Update              Bárðarbunga 2014 - August events (download as pdf 1,14 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2014 - September events (download as pdf 2,22 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2014 - October events (download as pdf 1,09 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2014 - November events (download as pdf 0,89 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2014 - December events (download as pdf 0,84 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2015 - January events (download as pdf 0.92 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2015 - February events (download as pdf 1.28 Mb)

Update              Bárðarbunga 2015 - March-April-May follow up (see pdf 0.71 Mb)

Earthquakes      Bárðarbunga - all earthquakes

Earthquakes      Bárðarbunga earthquakes - 3D video

Earthquakes      Bárðarbunga earthquakes - 3D interactive model

GPS map          Bárðarbunga GPS displacements

Subsidence       Vertical displacement in the Bárðarbunga caldera

Gas observ.       Volcanic gas detected

Gas observ.       I want to report

Gas observ.       View public observations

Gas observ.       Handheld meters results

Gas observ.       Hazard zoning

Gas forecast     Text and maps approved by meteorologist on duty

Gas model        Gas dispersion model

AVCC                 Aviation colour code map

Prohibited area   Prohibited area around the Holuhraun lava field

Prohibited area   Preliminary assessment of the risk of flooding

Short articles on the subject

The latest articles are on top of the list:

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100 days of gas release at Holuhraun

Flight over NW-Vatnajökull 24 Oct 2014

Photos from field trips (text in Icelandic)

The low frequency tremor 23rd August 2014

A chapter on Bárðarbunga

Bárðarbunga system, a pre-publication extract from the Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes (pdf 0.9 Mb).


In reversed order.


On the Bárðarbunga gradual caldera collapse - An article in Science

Activity in the Bárðarbunga system since the end of the eruption


Bárðarbunga AVCC now green

The eruption has come to an end

New equipment at Holuhraun

Monitoring device rescued from the lava

Warning banners removed


The segmented dyke intrusion explained

What is Bárðarbunga? - including a chapter from the Catalogue of Icelandic Volanoes (in progress)

The FutureVolc project and the eruption on National Geographic

A glimpse into the field

Hard work in harsh circumstances

A reconnaissance flight with TF-SIF

Seismic activity still great

Updated summary from Bárðarbunga

Summary of activity in Bárðarbunga

Seismic activity at Bárðarbunga persists

Activity in Bárðarbunga volcano

Earthquake swarm by Bárðarbunga volcano

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