Wind and snow

Very bad weather in Reykjavík


As everyone is aware of, very bad weather is prevalent in all of the country. Reykjavík is unusually hard hit by winds and snow. Following is the weather forecast, issued at 15:58, but users of the web are advised to observe the frequently updated maps and text forecasts on the front page.

East and northeast 20 to 28 m/s in the south and west parts, strongest wind in the southernmost part and snowshowers or blowing-snow, but 13 to 18 m/s and in the northeast part. Somewhat lighter wind and less precipitation in the evening and tonight. East 18 to 23 in the southernmost part tomorrow, but 13 to 18 in other parts. Widely blowing-snow or snow showers, but mainly dry in the north and west parts by late afternoon. Expecting blowing ash in the southeast part. Temperatures from 0 to minus 10 °C, mildest in the southernmost part.

Blowing snow is expected in the south and west parts until evening.

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