The earthquake swarm on Reykjanes ridge

Eldey volcano AVCC code raised to yellow


As said in news earlier today, an intense earthquake swarm started on 30 June around 21:00 near Geirfuglasker on the Reykjanes Ridge, about 30 km southwest of Reykjanestá. The first burst of activity calmed down around midnight and activity is since occurring in pulses with two to three hours in between. The strongest earthquakes detected since the onset of the swarm were M5.0 at 02:25 and M4.9 at 04:59 on the morning of 1 July.

Similar swarms have been recorded in previous years and have generally lasted up to a couple of days without resulting in an observable eruption. Indeed, the area is known for frequent eruptive activity with two recognized eruptions per century.

IMO is currently using the Aviation Color Code to report the status of active volcanic systems in Iceland and provide warning related to unusual activity. Based on the evidence that the current seismicity is well above the normal (monthly averaged) background condition, IMO's scientists decided to raise the aviation color code, AVCC, for Eldey volcano from "green" to "yellow".

IMO is monitoring the activity closely. Seafarers and people by the sea shore are asked to please contact IMO in case of any unusual observations in the water, such as an increase of water temperature, change of surface color, steam or dead fish. All information may be valuable.

The earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes ridge, preliminary results, (see update on web).

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