Hítardalur gagnvirkt þrívíddar landlíkan

Displacements in Fagraskógarfjall for some time before the landslide fell - 24.7.2018

Sentinel-1 satellite radar images show displacement in the starting area before July 7th, when the landslide occurred according to InSAR analysis by Vincent Drouin at the University of Iceland and the National Land Survey of Iceland. The mountainside in the starting area of the landslide is different from the surrounding slopes according to an interferometric analysis of the radar images. The displacement in the last days before the landslide was at least a few centimetres. The starting area also appears to have been moving in 2017, 2016, and 2015 but at a slower rate.

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Status of Öræfajökull volcano - 13.7.2018

After a series of meetings with scientists from The Icelandic Meteorological Office, The University of Iceland and Iceland Geosurvey, The Department of Civil Protection has issued the following statement.

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Umfang skriðunnar úr Fagraskógarfjalli er gríðarlegt

A large landslide falls in Hítardalur valley - 10.7.2018

A large landslide fell in Fagraskógarfjall mountain in Hítardalur valley, W-Iceland, in the morning of July 7th. The landslide crossed the river Hítará, damming the river and causing a lake to form above the debris tongue. The water found a new channel the next day into Tálmi, a riverbed that reconnects with Hítará a few km farther downstream.

The landslide fell from an area that showed evidence of earlier ground displacements and might be an old landslide deposit. The displaced material is a mixture of e.g. rock debris, scree from the lower part of the hillside, swamp soil and sediments from ancient lakes on the valley bottom. A preliminary estimate of the volume of the slide is 10–20 million m3. The area of the debris tongue is ca. 1,5 km2 and the debris is up to 20–30 m thick. 

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Fractures in Svínafellsheiði and a potential rockslide on Svínafellsjökull - 22.6.2018

Civil Protection advises against travel on Svínafellsjökull due to landslide danger. In particular, guided tours on the glacier are discouraged. Travellers are advised to stop only for a short while at viewpoints by the glacier tongue.

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